PRESS RELEASE from VNR about toilet equipment on train

Under the instruction of Ministry of Transport regarding the termination of the discharge of human waste directly from trains to tracks that negatively affects the environment, VNR has set up an investment project to install septic toilet equipment for all passenger carriages. The installation of septic toilet equipment not discharging human waste to tracks brought out a significant result in improving the quality of passenger service, protecting the environment and this result has been recognized by passengers and people.

Proper bidding, reasonable price

The project of “Installing human waste treatment equipment on passenger carriages” was started by VNR from January 2014 under the instruction of Ministry of Transport with the aim of renovating and installing human waste treatment equipment on passenger carriages to stop discharging human waste to the environment. In this project, human waste treatment equipment was installed on 821 passenger carriages with the total value of 168 billion dong. The implementation period was until the end of October 2015 to put into use. Among them, biofast equipment of Petech Corp, VN accounts for nearly 90%, bio-toilet system of Chodai accounts for the rest.

The provision of human waste treatment equipment on passenger carriages was decided through proper bidding in accordance with laws. In 2014, Chodai Co., Ltd. has joined with Petech Corporation to bid and win GS2A and GS2B packages of supplying waste treatment system to passenger carriages of VNR, in particular, 199 sets of Bio-toilet B50 with unit price of 110 million dong/ set of equipment, and total value for two packages is 22.5 billion dong. Chodai also implemented 4 sessions of training about equipment installation, operation and maintenance for nearly 300 staffs of VNR. The equipment is warranted 3 years from installation date.

At the moment, all high quality carriages newly put into operation are installed modern toilet equipment, avoiding bad odor

Especially, before application, Chodai company implemented trial application of Japanese Bio-toilet on land and on carriages of VNR from 2013 to 22014. Before that time, VNR did organize a seminar to select the equipment and technology for waste treatment on passenger carriage. However, there are a lot of carriage types, waste treatment equipment on train are specific goods which shall meet technical requirements for each type of carriage as well as environmental standards, short installation time, saving cost. Therefore, the project did not received keen interest from manufacturers and suppliers.

Main characteristic of products from Petech and Chodai is water saving. In detail, Petech’s product uses micro-organism, Chodai’s product uses dry technology and does not use water during sanitation. On the other hand, these two types has lower installation cost in compare with Microphor product (USA) which was installed on some carriages of Thong Nhat route. From 2002- 2004, this type from USA cost 35,000 USD/ set installed on carriage.

Main reason for bad odor is using process

Installation of toilet without direct discharging on railway track did bring remarkable result in improving serving quality and environmental protection. All living waste on train was collected and treated by biological technologies, terminate discharging on railway track and was highly appreciate by people and passengers. However, during using process, equipment on train of Petech and Chodai still have some disadvantages and bring bad odor. Beside, there are some passengers say that Chodai’s product has unfriendly design (has mixing system inside tank), and does not suitable with passenger usage habit, therefore, it is easy to cause reaction and uncomfortable.

Regarding this feedback, Chodai said Japanese Bio-toilet treats waste under dry principle and totally does not use water. Excrement and urine are mixed with sawdust and microorganism in treatment tank. Heat inside the treatment tank will evaporate the part of water inside human waste and put outside by exhaust fan system. Therefore, strictly following using, C&M manual is a very important factor. In VN, due to overcrowding on train and continuous operation from 2-3 day night together with habit of using water for sanitary did cause water logging, the equipment did not timely dried and caused fermentation soul.

Sanitary equipment on train is under warranty period, and being adjusted to suit the application on Vietnam railway.

Other important reason which causes toilet on train have uncomfortable odor is hygiene awareness of passengers, especially habit of using water in toilet area. This causes flood inside equipment. Besides, objects such as plastic bags etc. may also kill aerobic microorganisms in the treatment tank.

At current, all sanitary equipment on train is under warranty period. Sai Gon Transportation Railway and Hanoi Transportation Railway have worked with equipment supplier to check and evaluate equipment after being used, adjust and receive feedback to continue researching, adjusting equipment to meet the reality of exploitation and application on Vietnam railway; simultaneously enhance instruction work for passengers to use equipment properly, ensure suitably with technology and convenience for passengers.

(We will continue updating information related to bio-toiliet, an advanced Japanese technology.)

Source: VNR (link)