Career Opportunities

Các chuyên gia Việt Nam và Nhật Bản

Japanese and Vietnamese Experts

Human resources training and development is the top priority of CKJVN. We consider the development of each individual prerequisite for the sustainable growth of the company.
At CKJVN, you will work with experienced Vietnamese and Japanese experts. You will participate in projects of both CKJVN and parent company CHODAI, including state funding, private funding, international funding (JICA/ADB/WB) projects; in Vietnam and foreign countries.

Thư viện sách


At CKJVN, you will receive training on knowledge, skills and Japanese working methods.

Lớp học tiếng Nhật

Japanese class

At CKJVN, you will receive favourable conditions for long-term personal and professional development. CKJVN has policies to support employees to take the professional training courses, English and Japanese courses. The employees also have opportunities to be trained at other branches of CHODAI group in foreign countries.

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