Improving Water Environment by Using distributed waste water treatment system without collecting and mixing stages at Ha Long Bay -the world heritage


The purpose of project is to improve water environment at the World heritage Ha Long Bay by using Japanese technology- a distributed waste water treatment system without collecting and mixing stage from the water drainage system (including the New Bio-Toilet and the new purification system New Johka)

Country: Vietnam

Client: Joint Venture of CHODAI – SEIWA DENKO

Funding source: JICA

Duration of contract: 01/07/2014 – now

Project’s Information:

Feasibility study stage (Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded)

–    Investigate situation of substructure; waste water treatment infrastructure and management in public facilities, residence tourist spot, tourist boat in the area of Ha Long Bay and surrounding area; possibility of the system output’s usage in agriculture;

–   Assess environment impact and possibility of those equipment.

1st Pilot project (JICA funded)

–   Install 7 New Bio-Toilet equipment and 7 New Johka equipment in tourist spot and residence in Ha Long Bay area and Van Don district, Quang Ninh province for pilot testing

Scope of work:

–   Survey and investigate problems related to drainage system infrastructure and local policy mechanism in Quang Ninh city.

–   Supervise the installation of equipment for residence, public place, tourist spot on Ha Long Bay and Van Don District.

Role of the firm: Subcontractor