4 Main Roads in Thu Thiem New Urbanized Area

                                        (Image source: Dại Quang Minh Real Estate Corporation)

(Image source: Dại Quang Minh Real Estate Corporation)

Thu Thiem New Urbanized Area located at District 2 of HCM city with area of 737ha, was planned as a large commercial center, high building offices, financial-banking center and high quality residence, serving 160,000 residents and 450,000 people working in offices; is one of the most important urban development projects of Ho Chi Minh city.

Country: Vietnam

Client: Joint Venture of CHODAI – YOOSHIN

Funding source: Private funding (BT)

Duration of contract: 01/10/2014 – 01/10/2015

Project’s Information:

1)   Total area: 737ha

2)   The detailed design for 4 main roads of Thu Thiem infrastructure system covers (R1) Crescent Boulevard, (R2) Central Lake-Park Drive, (R3) Waterfront Park Drive and (R4) Delta Road, Crescent – Delta Boulevard and Waterfront Park Drive – Residential. The detailed design consists of different design fields, road, bridge, soft soil treatment, technical trench, storm-water drainage system, sewer system, water supply system, power supply, and telecommunication systems which  include the miscellaneous such as sidewalk, planting, lighting sign boards and garbage collection

Scope of work:

–   Road design

–   Cost estimation

Role of the firm: Subcontractor